A bar for a decade

The ideal place to meet former classmates and those attending school around the sametibar2011me as you.   We will have four bars placed within the school: 

  • the 'sixties and seventies'
  • the ‘eighties and nineties’
  • the "2000" (or noughties) bar
  • And depending on the weather, an over flow bar will be sited on the front square


Consumption coins

At the locations listed above you can obtain drinks.   Due to licensing laws, payment can only be made by tokens.     Three are provided within the entrance fee and for more, you can purchase them for € 1.50 each (or seven for € 10, -) at the information desk next to the auditorium.



In the hall there will be an interesting collection of memorabilia of years past and an area where you can sit and talk over old times.   The exhibition will take you back to the day; photos and other material from the building, the shows and all those class photographs.