Be on time for the group photographs!

A great memory of the day; caught on camera or phone, we will have photographers capturing the moments of this day but also an opportunity to gather at one time in the top gym to have another group photograph.


Make sure you are there!   


15.15-15.30 u.:       1961-1971
15.30-15.45 u.:       1972-1981
15.45-16.00 u.:       1982-1991
16.00-16.15 u.:       1992-1997
16.15-16.30 u.:       1998-2002
16.30-16.45 u.:       2003-2007
16.45-17.00 u.:       2007-2012
17.00-17.15 u.:       2013-2015


All of the photographs taken will be placed on