Reunion Programme (11th June 2016)

The main reason for attending a reunion is to meet old school friends, to chat, to see how your favourite teacher is doing and let’s be honest, to see your all those girls you dated or wanted to date again.  There will be various meeting points within the school where you can gather or bump into people.

We are also organising the traditional ‘Indoor Football Tournament’. Please arrange a team and register. This tournament will follow a similar programme to that organised by Herma Gerringa the day before the Christmas holidays, it was always successful then and during the reunion of 2011 it was very well attended, we even had supporters, it seems only fitting to combine this with the rest of the reunion activities.

We hope that everyone will take this opportunity to annotate the ‘Wall of Fame' with their name and graduation year if they haven’t already done so.

_MAK0693 (NL)

Our reunion will give former students an opportunity to meet and catch-up with one another.  We also have an exhibition of photographs and other memorabilia planned in the aula where former teachers will gather and we are certain that they would enjoy reminiscing and chatting with you.  

Obviously things here in the school building have also changed over the years and you will have every opportunity to check out the renovations and improvements.   Finally, there will be plenty of photo opportunities, so let’s make this a memorable event whether you have been away for just a couple of years or much much longer.


The reunion will run for four hours, feel free to arrive slightly later if you like, we will be at the entrance during the entire event and if you decide to leave early, there are plenty of restaurants locally or perhaps visit the Gouwe!

Please don't forget to fill the application form.